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3/4 Universal Fit for shortboards

3/4 Universal Fit for shortboards

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Universal pre-cut front grip for any shortboard from 5'6 to 6'5 with a tail pad.
Available in 4 widths:

  • Size 1 : 18.2" to 19.1" wide
  • Size 2 : 19.5" to 20.1" wide
  • Size 3 : 20.2" to 21.1" wide
  • Size 4 : 21.5" to 22" wide

No more clogged and partially melted wax that causes you to slip off your board during sharp turns or engaged takeoffs! GryptaLite is the innovative alternative to wax that ensures sharp carves while preserving the aesthetic of your board.

It's a high-performance clear grip developed by surfers, for surfers, that will help you excel in controlling your board. It reacts to water and provides the traction you need while being completely transparent, regardless of water or air temperature. It is soft, making it one of the most comfortable for your skin or wetsuit. Also it's lighter than wax and thin with only 1/3mm thick after the unique installation for the rest of lifetime of your board and for a more ocean-friendly surfing.

  • Water-reactive: grip proportional to the applied pressure when wet
  • Consistent performance every session
  • Clear without any visible pattern
  • Stays clean: rinses off with water, low maintenance
  • Custom-fit for any board with a smooth surface
  • One easy-to-install unique piece for good
  • Lightweight with only 1/3mm thin (lighter than wax)
  • Suitable for all temperatures: cold or tropical water
  • Protects against UV (won't yellow), small impacts, and scratches
  • Skin and wetsuit friendly
  • More ocean friendly while surfing
  • Last the lifetime of the board
  • Made in USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Roxane L.
    Finie la wax

    J’ai fait poser le grip sur une planche neuve et le résultat est sans appel. Surfeuse intermédiaire j’ai tout de suite ressenti l’accroche, cette technologie est aussi efficace que la wax. En plus, finie la wax qui fond l’été et les heures de déwaxage à la mi-saison.

    Xavier C.
    Accroche parfaite

    Le GryptaLite est super, aucun souci de grip même sur les grosses conditions, laisse le design apparent de ma seaside, ma planche reste propre, ma housse aussi.

    Axel B.
    Le GryptaLite fonctionne super bien

    Entièrement transparent (presque invisible de loin), cela permet de garder sa board clean et aussi de plus avoir à se soucier d’avoir de la wax sur soi. Pour moi la principale crainte était d’avoir un pad sans grip mais j’ai pu le tester dans de petites conditions et on trouve facilement de l’adhérence sous les pieds sans avoir peur de glisser à un moment ou un autre.