Our technology

gryptalite scheme

GryptaLite is an alternative to wax offering better traction performance in all water temperature and conditions. Get rid of the messy wax from your deck and use a transparent traction adhesive-backed film that will last the lifetime of your board. Moreover, your board graphics and design will shine thanks to our ultra clear grip !
Over three years of research and development brought you this high performance traction film designed by surfers, for surfers :

  • GryptaLite is WATER REACTIVE : grips when wet without anything sticking to it when dry.
  • Works in cold or tropical waters and doesn't melt under heat wave or get too hard when it is getting cold outside.
  • Feels soft like suede when dry, skin and wetsuit friendly.
  • Consists in a single pre-cut piece to the exact shape of your board.
  • Protects the deck from the UVs (that usually yellows the board) but also from small dings or scratches on the fiberglass.
  • Stays clear even under intense use, with low-to-zero maintenance.
  • Highlights the handwork of the shaper letting each detail visible: from the tinted resin, graphics, spray paint or even the grain of the wood.

Indeed, GryptaLite is made of a plastic film but we keep improving our product as far as possible in order to reduce our own environmental footprint using the advantage of plastic: it just lasts.

Thus, we provide the latest innovative technology in watersport traction that is more durable because we are all getting conscious about our impact on our planet.

GryptaLite is a trademark registered and a product patented by Surf Systems LLC in California.

When you use wax

Dirty wax everywhere, looks messy, sticks to your wetsuit, your boardbag, and in a worse case scenario it melts on your car seats !

Surf wax is a "technology" from another time which also has been ending in the oceans and on our reefs for too many years !

Now with GryptaLite

Ultra clear, keeping your board always clean as new !
A patented innovation which requires low-to-zero maintenance to allow you more time to spend in water.

And you get this for the lifetime of your board, and the ocean thanks you for your choice.

Courtesy of NOTOX